FIBRESPIN consists on the industrialization and commercialization of an innovative textile production machine, designed for producing spools of wool/cotton fibres.
FIBRESPIN’s innovative new design includes the use of high-tech materials, an innovative electro-magnetic braking system and advanced electronic control of the whole machine.
In the traditional ring spinning frames the tension of the stretched wire, resulting from the friction of the slider that snaps against the rin, is necessary to have the right twisting, compacting the cop and limiting the baloon. As the rotation speed increases, the heat generated by this friction leads to overheating that damages the yarn, burns the slider and wears the ring.
For this reason, the productivity of traditional spinning frame frames is limited to the rotation of the slider on the ring.
These innovations let the clients increase their production level outperforming existing machines (+52% outputs) while reducing the footprint (by 57%), and also reduces maintenance downtimes and component breakage, by introducing a disruptive new design that substitutes the traditional ring traveler, and by using high technology materials.